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Coronal change of weather hits the Basaou with the couplet of solemn Shuai Man of good energy of life and dead Song who to cheat [10P]

Coronal change of weather hits the Basaou with the couplet of solemn Shuai Man of good energy of life and dead Song who to cheat [10P]Graceful couplet gains a precious victoryYouwentusi and the match of this Ou Guan of graceful couplet, do not know to be able to let how many person remember on another Ou Guan that article of sports season blame attends. The adversary at that time is another Ying Chaoqiu the team heats up thorn, these two matches end with triumph of changeover of visiting team 2-1. Changeover of hopeless situation of the sports season on You Wen heats up thornAt that time advocate the fan heating up thorn that suffers changeover people, the likelihood wants not to understand auspicious situation issues team how to give end; Advocate the You Wenqiu that hits Wan Manlian is confused people, the likelihood also can feel puzzled how can this be defeated. The situation of two matches, have many similar place really. Advocate the team that fight holds clear dominant position, and follow a rational line to do some work well is obtained precede, still can obtain more goals it seems that. Visiting team has been been without the flower that be hit in good luck, can use change action also be used, still do not look to give the indication of how many goal. Be in a few minutes however in, the situation inverts quickly, You Wen uses 3 minutes of changeover hot thorn, graceful couplet breaks up with 4 minutes dish You Wen. Mu Shuai takes 3 minutes this completelyDoes the ou[……]


The use method of vaginal uterus cap

Sexual life to the business that does not pass usually again is between husband and wife, also the affection between can very good stimulative husband and wife, but very to a lot of already was in for the family of pregnant sexual life when must have made contraceptive step, otherwise ordinary flow induced abortion is huge to body harm of the female, 上海花千坊1314HGbut contraceptive measure is varied, among them the contraceptive measure that vaginal uterus cap has compared one kind namely, return the quality that won’t affect sexual life at the same time, but must have mastered use method, the use method that next o上海贵族宝贝龙凤EFne vaginal uterus caps know together below

The use of vaginal uterus cap method

1, before using, measure with finger by scrutator combine the space between tailing edge to pubic bones from Long of the dome after the vagina, the help chooses the diaphragm of one proper model. Finally is to ask a doctor to give you the option;

2, examination uterus cap has without damaged. Use contraceptive in a few on brim place besmear jelly (the contraception that can kill spermatozoon creams) ;

3, take lie partly or crouch partly, two legs are a bit apart, labium of left hand departure, right hand forefinger, middle finger and big toe hold uterine hat str上海花千坊1314EGip to send the vagina inside, long of the dome after tailing edge is brought into, leading edge touchs pubic bones to combine sunken part, with cover palace neck;

4, the 8 ~ aft[……]


Is cany any of several hot spice plants Chinese prickly ash

Green Chinese prickly ash also counts a kind of hemp any of several hot spice plants, mere these 2 kinds feed the flavour among material still can have certain difference 上海夜网 上海夜网with nutrient element, the everybody below the case that this kind of green Chinese prickly ash is taking a can feel to want to compare hemp any of several hot spice plants more hemp a few, hearing also can become a few sweeter, a kind of it is nowadays very general flavoring, everybody is making fish and pork kind green Chinese prickly ash can apply below alimental circumstance, the flavour that lets amid more delicate.

Green Chinese prickly ash is main use is widespread, economic value is very high. Mix on industrial production hemp any of several hot spice plants shows in order to to make lubricating fluid like main use, lacquer makings and toilet soap. Make food condiment and additive if really.

Effect and action

Root, bine, leaf, fruit and Er child all officinal value, but Xiao wind dispel cold, regulating the flow of vital 西安夜网 西安夜网energy and removing obstruction to it stops ache, treat rheumatism sex arthritis, toothache, injuries from falls swollen ache, make worm agent and drunk fish lotion again. [3]

Food uses value

Oil of Chinese prickly ash, color is beautiful beautiful. Mouthfeel is pure and fresh, sweet hemp is grumous, hemp flavour is long, oil of the any of several hot spice plants that compare hemp becomes sweet, more hemp, more green zoology, it is a hotel, cafeteria,[……]


Can crab milk powder eat together

The crab has the nutrient part of rich and colorful quite, crab flesh the protein content inside is very high, have egg white of OK and compensatory body more. Can be a crab this kind of marine products has a lot of to cannot feed material in order to be the same as, may cause bromatoxism otherwise or be to affect the body to be absorbed to the assimilation of nutrient element. Infantile milk powder inside also contain very tall protein, constant tipple milk powder still can promote body immunity force, can that Zuo crab eat together with infantile milk powder?

Yang Cheng contains the animal protein of rich and colorful on lake crab and bovine breast, take meeting effect together its digest absorption. Originally 2 kinds are the protein that has nutrient part relatively completely, mutual balance can be very. But bromatoxism Zuo is won’t, if eat much may a few bad abdomen. Eat other feed material to also answer advertent and balanced, of a sort had better be to need not eat too much, and beg type rich and colorful. Because this Zuo is,lie between a little while eat again.

The crab cannot breed with the ox commonly take together, a lot of protein are contained on both, take together can cause body albumen overmuch, affect then digest absorb, although can not cause poisonous side effect, but albumen piles up to be able to produce cement group later, bowel of influence intestines and stomach wriggles, the condition can cause constipation, talking around badly to[……]


After period two days can of the same branch of a family?

Menses cannot live in order to cross husband and wife, it is the great truth that everybody knows, the length between the of classics of each woman forthcoming month is different, it is commonly 3 to 7 days, clew is numerous ladies are advertent, divide physiology period to be able to not make love beyond, after physiology period ends, still can not make love immediately, mos上海千花网论坛t want first till period completely clean, subsequently span 2 talents can make love, altogether, after physiology period 2 days can make love.

After physiology period can 2 days make love?

Lady every month is to come period. Do not conceive on the child gets a word, below menstrual regular state can very regularity, and be relatively fixed between the of every time period do not move. Everybody knows menses lady cannot live in order to have husband and wife, after lady menstruation passes, this just can have husband and wife to live in other words. A few days can menstruation of that Zuo female make love afterwards?

One, period is over a few days to be able to make love

Authoritative expert suggests, it is better that period is over 3 days to make love. As a result of this moment, the cut that after uterine wall falls down, brings about is cured already, the environment of strong acid alkali inside the vagina also has adjusted already, in make love at this moment the incidence of a disease that can reduce inflammation. If period just went to make love, the cut of uterine wall retur[……]


The note after bazoo is integrated

It is to shrink after integrated grand is nose of nose ala and the disease that its repair bazoo to collapse, need is after this kind of operation is treated advertent bazoo ministry can not touch water, and cannot reach its in order to drink smoke, still need advertent food delicate, and do we广州夜网 广州夜网ll the cure of nose ministry is protected, prevent nose ministry stumble etc, and should prevent have the remedy of invigorate the circulation of blood. Be about nowadays we master integrated grand together what does postnasal common problem have, do well subsequently the cure after art is protected.

After nose integrated art common problem: Do not touch water

In begin grand postnasal in a few days, want to need not let facial ministry alertly especially cut periphery is stuck sail upstream, if cut does not take care to stick,sail upstream word, probable meeting causes infection. After just doing grand bazoo consequently, girls cannot enough clean face can not wash a hair, cannot use clean face milk-like liquid more. It is face wanting clean really, the position that puts lot of the cotton that touch water smear is roundtrip retroflexion can assure to clear basically, need operation of advertent steer clear of to treat cut.

After nose integrated art common problem: Forbidden drink

Did integrated grand bazoo to want to be able to not drink immediately alertly, general need drinks again later till a month, because can appear after grand is nose,this is state of nose feel[……]


Valentine’s Day desire spreads to also do not forget use contraceptive

Section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon is coming, the netizen spits groove on the network: “I planned, 15 mornings sell the first month of the lunar year stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, sell a rose afternoon, the shadow sells the bill in night, at dead of night sells safety to cover, sell in the morning the following day urgent use contraceptive, miss good excitement. I it is to be able to be sent! ” in the night of section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon, no matter be the Zuo in the home,be a hotel, it is a sad wail necessarily. But put in enthusiasm ‘s charge enthusiasticly, the Zuo in contraceptive measure job should be done, the net is made up come collect what contraceptive pattern is stronger! Instantly has a lot of young friends, because of not reasonable contraceptive step, the person that cause the abort after passing is absent a few, the proposal masters a few contraceptive measure more, let promoting emotional leisure each other, side oneself is safeguarded many times.

Kill spermatozoon agent in ancient time the contraceptive method of whorehouse woman

·Advantage: Without side-effect, convenient use.

·Blemish: The choose and buy is not easy, need every time application error rate is high.

·Error rate: Use this method was pregnant to南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛 lead accidentally inside year is 6 ~ 20% .



The man kisses a woman 5 place more passion

One has the man student of grade, produce a relation to affirm the homer on impossible horse later, but if you are mere,kiss her lip, that is insufficient still. The femal上海夜网 上海夜网e has 5 places most expect be kissed, do you master?

1, lip: Overall objective is put in her crowd

It is the management center area of the lip on her, the humanness that also is weighed by Gu Xila’s person here has the area of kinetic energy most on body. 2 crucial nerve with cranium connection fall in this surface layer. The metabolization of hypophysis fluid can be promoted here. The male that Zuo of this kind of fluid is metabolization of the place when her G is wet is hormonal. Osculant mouth can satisfy the feminine requirement to love.



8 phenomena explain you go gradually gradually far

Woman and man should be maintained loving each other all one’s life is a very not easy thing, because manage feeling,be mouth frontier says not only so simple, postnuptial l南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发ives flatly light, resemble not easily again firm in the begining enthusiastic in that way, and even simple and easy photograph is embraced and the kiss feels a little needless, 2 hearts became far although sleep together,also feel a short distance away. Know? 8 main show demonstrate authority already further and further.

Already did not tell fair-spoken

Everybody knows, fair-spoken to wife, add some of condiment that spits groove to tease, boast of ground of my humble opinion she is one time, feeling of husband and wife relatively special easy association. The method that makes a speech to directly-related members of one’s family -parents is composition feeling of husband and wife is harmonious whether one of elements. State an implication to be able to have very varied method, saw you how say. If you already did not have fun at the hobby is fair-spoken to the sweetheart, this is a not quite good data signal.



Does feminine orgasm also have several kinds of classification actually?

Spoken parts in an opera the most excited circumstance that climax hap西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛pen frequently points to sexual life process namely, in the light of the man character joy is that one instant that accompanying man ejaculation and into, and joy also can end after ejaculation, return the case of start immediately, but will tell to the lady, arrived in her after climax happen frequently feel to be not met the subsidise on the horse, conversely happy meeting lasts between a paragraph of .

And the circumstance of female climax also is to cent plants phyletic:

Hill: Namely the elevator of big gradient joy, insert in what there is a man in sexual process arrive at quickly then absolutely bright peak, but come quickly fast also, was in after climax happen frequently resumptive rate is relatively a bit rapidder also.