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The use method of vaginal uterus cap

Sexual life to the business that does not pass usually again is between husband and wife, also the affection between can very good stimulative husband and wife, but very to a lot of already was in for the family of pregnant sexual life when must have made contraceptive step, otherwise ordinary flow induced abortion is huge to body harm of the female, 上海花千坊1314HGbut contraceptive measure is varied, among them the contraceptive measure that vaginal uterus cap has compared one kind namely, return the quality that won’t affect sexual life at the same time, but must have mastered use method, the use method that next o上海贵族宝贝龙凤EFne vaginal uterus caps know together below

The use of vaginal uterus cap method

1, before using, measure with finger by scrutator combine the space between tailing edge to pubic bones from Long of the dome after the vagina, the help chooses the diaphragm of one proper model. Finally is to ask a doctor to give you the option;

2, examination uterus cap has without damaged. Use contraceptive in a few on brim place besmear jelly (the contraception that can kill spermatozoon creams) ;

3, take lie partly or crouch partly, two legs are a bit apart, labium of left hand departure, right hand forefinger, middle finger and big toe hold uterine hat str上海花千坊1314EGip to send the vagina inside, long of the dome after tailing edge is brought into, leading edge touchs pubic bones to combine sunken part, with cover palace neck;

4, the 8 ~ aft[……]


Skin occurrence purpura

Purpura giving is told in the light of a lot of people, not not close also, because purpuric sicken leads Zuo ,be relatively tall. Natural, purpuric ill hair reason is much perhaps, for example allergy of gene heredity, skin, plaque is low problem, be the symptom that can cause the body to give purpura completely. Natural, be aimed at different the purpura that reason place causes, it is to need to use different means develops cure. Below, see purpuric remedial way for our detailed!

One, genetic and oozy sex is capillary enlarge disease

1, invigorate the circulation of blood: Skin bleeds with dominant of invigorate the circulation of blood be oppressinged, the person that splanchnic organ bleeds considers the Bakeluo that use card (the blood that bring sth resembling a net) in order to aid small vasomotor, the Xie Su after using pituitary body reduces the actuating pressure inside splanchnic organ blood-vessel.

2, vein injects: Only in order to is very much exsanguine and overmuch person, but do not suit overmuch, avoid blood pressure exorbitant bleed then hard pass the time in a leisurely way.

3, complement filling iron: Applicable free sex loses patient of anaemia of courage and uprightness.

4, other: Arterial embolism can use liver to move vein fistula in order to treat liver, β block breaks an agent to be able to improve condition of circulatory system of tall driving force, reduce liver blood size, make divide total flow to reduce.

2, irritab[……]


Gouty examination need is hollow

Accompany those who follow a life character to promote continuously, in last few years gouty sicken rate is higher and higher also, especially in senile, gout is a kind of very common disease already, getting gout is the state that can give arthralgia is below the case that can send in disease, it is a kind of metabolism kind disease, want to reduce gout come on, be to eat tall purine alimental less to feed capable person as far as possible on common food collocation, maintain stable way of life.

Does gout check need empty stomach?

Gouty patient had better be empty stomach goes below the circumstance to go to a doctor of hospital outpatient service the first time, because be in the first time below the circumstance of go to a doctor, the project of the examination may be more, because want the diagnose of establish gout on one hand, also want to do a few concerned probation on the other hand, with the likelihood of cleared and other arthritis.

for 广州夜网 广州夜网example function of examination of examination of convention of blood test of patient need check, albumen of reaction of erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C, liver function, kidney, blood sugar, the B that reachs its kidney function exceeds, the B of condyle exceeds these, the value that blood sugar and its hematuria acid are aimed at after dining is to have certain effect, and special those who want special attention is, the patient is begun to hospital outpatient service again check previously 3 to 5 days, had b[……]


The woman with old age has prophylactic less as far as possible

Disrelish inconvenience with condom husband, on birth control annulus needs to perform an operation, calculate safety period often makes mistake… the contraceptive way that answers miscellaneous of numerous and complicated, major lady can choose to operate the prophylactic with simple and easy, good effect actually. But are you clear? Urgent use contraceptive take effect to also can affect female reproduction health. Authoritative expert hints, be aimed at 40 years old of following ladies, prophylactic dispute often chooses well. But the lady that passes 40 years old, when picking contraceptive way, should consider to help somebody attain his aim, the likelihood brings about endocrine unbalance.

Generally speaking, urgent contraceptive bases is female hormone and corpus luteum make element. Middleaged woman, because want immediately,take woman the turn of life, the female sex hormone i南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛nside human body often on any account. If be taken at this moment,feed urgent use contraceptive, land of will factitious element adds estrogen part, cause disorder of female hormone level very easily. Long before, the female sex hormone of the body is more and more, period suffers an effect very easily, and even can give not regular vagina haemorrhage, breast is aching, reach its hurried to grow original uterine flesh tumour, cause cancer of the film inside the uterus, palace neck cancer to wait.



Fester skin closes insi上海贵族宝贝龙凤de cut

Major scar has cut completely, a few cut are relatively deep, a few cut are relatively shallow, actually no matter be deep the cut, Zuo is shallow the cut, if solve not quite good, dispute often causes infection purulent easily, some people still had experienced in that way condition, of cut cortical and original already heal, and return become scarred, but give however fester destr上海夜网 上海夜网oys the state that;burst;ulcerate;fester, how can you give cut inside cortical close shut this kind of state?

Cut inside is fester cortical close what reason is shutting?

Once cut gives disease of purulent of finish scar, what need to do first most is cut scab skin in cleared job, qing Dynasty gets rid of the scab skin of cut. If cut fester disease of the patient does not calculate,go up more serious, applied salt solution washs the p南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所atient’s cut, venom of disappear of bend over of the iodine on the besmear after cleaning begins disinfection to cut antiseptic, asepsis gauze bundle up is OK; if cut purulent illness of the patient is more serious than comparatively, scab gives already hypodermically more serious than comparatively ulcer, in needing to begin Qing Dynasty to start the work to cut position instantly, eliminate the necrotic organization of sore face and its leakage fluid, the brine after keeping clear of washs sore face, venom of disappear of daily iodine bend over is arenaceous or glycerine is arenaceous a cure that change medicine.

Cut giving[……]


Become risk of heart valve s阿拉后花园urgery

Actually the Zuo of sex of operation cure harm of heart level is relatively big, saying so is small no matter start an operation, Zuo is big operation cure, the patient is to be sure to want completely first all previous classics between a paragraph of after checking, ability is done quite, the human body of oneself of in that way word ability enough establish suits to do this operation to treat after all, but exacting fathers actually the age that is aimed at a patient above it is definitive of it doesn’t matter, mere need differentiates according to resistance.

Add up to what the operation treats to change into heart heart valve artificially get used to valve of heart of heart of patient of card key basis destroy a level. Valve of heart of in every case becomes ill to do not have the patient that law make it operation treats badlier again, if systemic state is concessional,should contend for so that carry out heart valve to change operation cure. The patient’s age did not have affirmative limit. Common pathological changes briefly has following a few kinds:

⒈ mitral valve is narrow: If valve leaf activity is admirable, it is boundary ministry only sticky connect or destroy below slight valve, can contend for so that shut all right try to enlarge art or be looked attentively at repair art. If heart valve is added thick or change of model of funnel of cloth family name, need to carry out heart valve to change operation cure.

⒉ mitral valve shuts not com[……]


The body is maiden Or spirit is maiden which more commendable

Read an article to remind: The female is not maiden, the body home with her is irrelevant. If a woman gives her heart, her love, her affection not worth the person of love, be in aeriform in the mental a chose in possession that becomes groups this are small, do an insignificant affection vassal, that ability is the body home oneself to drop price.

Advocate maiden a realistic ideal state prime cause

The first, according to pedagogic home analyse, the schoolboy often takes seriously very maiden realistic, so that want control and the reproductive function that control a woman,crucial reason is. Because the schoolboy is awe-stricken, if married a woman that experiences sexual behavior with other schoolboy already,be wife, the children that future gives birth to may not be his one’s own flesh and blood. That kind, he can the loss outweights the gain, give money to exert oneself for other schoolboy not only raise the child, and his own assets did上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛 not come also meet by the unborn be adopted as heir to one’s uncle of other. But, the effective method that there is DNA already now comes without doubt the relative concerns, the theory of this one foundation of pedagogic home also is without a basis.

The 2nd, the schoolboy often takes seriously highly maiden, be the male is exclusive be about to do in his head strange. The schoolboy did not have with the wife of oneself on one hand had been caught by other schoolboy the mentation that’s all right that for flourish; t[……]


Protein is right 上海花千坊爱上海cutaneous action

Albumen is a kind of all in all nutrition element, it is put generally have at various feed capable person in, everybody absorbs place of albumen complement human body to need according to dietary collocation, because human body is right the support of albumen is very strong, basically great majority kinetic energy comes from at albumen. And albumen not only composition of nutrition of OK and compensatory human body, still can have effect of a few expression to the skin, what does below discuss albumen to have to cutaneous action?

Albumen is opposite cutaneous benefit

1, protect skin to go furrow, having protein white is better to the skin, can be repaired as a result of protein pink and build skin cell, then will fragile the skin cell that change changes, protect skin in order to accomplish to go the practical effect of furrow.

2, prevent consenescence, segmentation is decelerated word, can accelerate the decline of the body, and the crucial material of stimulative segmentation is velar albumen, but velar albumen needs albumen to produce nutrient part, if body albumen inadequacy gets a word, velar albumen is met less and less, accelerate body decline then.

3, control rests heavy, after protein pink is absorbed by the body, can assist the body to produce production pepsin, promote then feed material to be changed into kin广州夜网 广州夜网etic energy, the eye ground that weighs with accomplishing control to rest.

Albumen is necessary eat

Albumen is the corporeal condi[……]