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Double stimulation can be returned unexpectedly ” for the first time “

In sexual love of husband and wife, do not have a person to be able to have perfect passion forever, one day perhaps you discover that ever brought you suddenly infinite the passion of joyous amusement is like associate with cloud and mist same die, whether do you understand this kind of awkward reason? The phenomenon that medical expert says to this kind of orgasm disappears suddenly is ” of short duration rests orgasm is interrupted ” . In fact, the female should achieve orgasm far get than male difficulty much. But should find out a reason only, suit the remedy to the case, believe you still can look for the joyous amusement is clinking joy when the sort of couple blends before.

Method one: Understand your body.

When having, we feel the couple hands in the insipid of be in harmony, because lack the intimate contact between the couple,be, sexual foreplay is done inadequately, or it is you lack understanding to yo上海千华纺ur body, sensitive to the sex of oneself belt and experience force not to上海千花网坊 understand, cannot speak your sexual demand to the spouse, when as a result should be operated ac上海本地龙凤自荐女ERtually very inaccessible the sense that makes oneself satisfactory is cheerful degree.

Method 2: The sex appeal that understands oneself gets cycle.

Generally speaking, the hormonal exudation inside human body can affect sexual desire.

Inside human body ruttish the exudation of hormone of hormonal, corpus luteum, testosterone is unusual on the low side[……]


“Petty action ” ceaseless woman unexpectedly can hey overturn the heavens


Feminine sexual desire is tall, the man just is met when make love more excited, face silent not the woman of language, the man can have some of disappointment. In sex process, feminine desire affects whole process. So, want to have the pleasure of orgasm, the woman that must allow a bed to go up rises hey. What method can let a woman have sexual desire more so? Actually, every female is thinking the enjoyment in the incisively and vividly in sexual love, it is a lot of women only however be ashamed is exported at saying, and the sexual desire that clever man can stimulate a female, make a woman bold speak her sex to need.

Will arouse feminine passion with frustration sense

The biggest distinction between the men and women, the sexual demand that depends on the male is more than the female much. So a lot of female assume sth as a matter of course the ground thinks, no matter when they want, spouses can be happy make u上海龙凤论坛手机版p to. This is going up somehow the unpredictable sex that reduced sexual love. This ki闵行蝴蝶验证归来nd of夜上海论坛JG psychology executive ” that the male can use a the female sex is gone against turn over psychological ” , those who let them is passiona魔都新茶论坛HFl cannot get in time satisfaction, will arouse their passion with frustration sense. If carry out do sth in the proper way, ” of protracted art of this kind of ” can produce the result that expect is less than.



How to let private parts more water embellish

The near future, I receive incoming letter of a reader. She tells: “The problem that I think oneself vagina is dry is more and more serious, especially the position among vulva, this affects sexual life of my husband and wife already. How should be I done? “

The narration from inside the letter looks, discerning after all hard is the problem that the Zuo inside the vagina is vulva. Although they are the lady’s sexual organs completely, and correlation, but still have very big distinction. What poi西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛nt to inside general vagina is to produce the door, the ministry that is a sexual organ the outside that environment; pussy is a sexual organ, include big labium, labium, Yindi and clitoris, reach its to lead to the dehisce inside the vagina. Proposal lady intention reads an article to concern book, master the accurate description of the sexual organ.

Vulva has hair dry feeling, it is the change as a result of skin problem or female hormone level commonly. Occasionally, because the skin takes the skin allergy such as breast of commodity, bath to washing clothes,just be, also can cause vulva hair to work. A few ladies appearance or walk along appearance to have by accident, cause private parts to grind repeatedly the unwell feeling such as agnail giving , also can cause hair doing.

Private parts giving is unwell the sexual life frequency that the lady of feeling had better be the oneself below the record, reach the change of near future lifestyle, if trade[……]


After menstruation is clean safety period is inside a few days

Menstruation is safe period divide the menstruation before oviposit period again safety period is mixed the menstruation after oviposit period is safe period. From period arrives one day that compl广州夜网 广州夜网etely oviposit period inchoate before today the menstruation before that period of time is oviposit period is safe period.

From oviposit period the first day after ending arrives the next time the after be oviposit period before today menstruation of menstrual menarche is safe period. The menstruation after oviposit period is safe period the menstruation before comparing oviposit period is safe period more security. Because a few females suffer occasionally,this is the environment is destroyed and the influence such as wave motion of state of mind makes oviposit period in advance, in that way the menstruation before oviposit period is safe period can decrease.



Often make a petty action, can let your riches and honour

From inside the face posture of a person, can look reach one the individual’s money carries how. Change an angle to look, the place with special department of face of a person has compared a word longly, this person is very easy high position and great wealth.


The first place is our nose, the nose learns in face posture in also call Zuo rich, richness of nose meat department is very big word, mean this individual to working ability deposits money many Zuo is rich. The nose lays poor person, average wealth energy of life is not quite good, even if is in a paragraph of phase can earn a lot of Zuo are rich, but because money did not have ” library ” will put, still can cause decline to come out finally.

But in real life, the nose of a few people looks very big also, but still send not money, is this why poor? We understand, a person wants get rich to become rich, want to have blessing money without fail, if do not have blessing money light to money library gets a wo南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所rd, still meet in utter destitution, if this did not have the working capacity that make money with a person, like buying a very big safe in the home solely.



Had enjoyed the secret of 4 individual character that one-night standing just understands

The benefit of good boudoir honey, it is to share sexual pleasure at any time. Among woman and female, can topic discussion leave get a man student? And the closest good boudoir is sweet, it is the affection of oneself experience says so that dash along normally. And the thing of the whole world, sole is a pretty close. Of each person suffer different, but Jian fruit is not normally it is detached together. The good boudoir that has played one-night standing is sweet, what say with me is sensational sexual secret completely.

Pass a strong interest with respect to bright

One-night standing, it is each other all enthusiasm are in that one evening erupts. Why broad-leaved epiphyllum makes a person be obsessed with, a lot of short hour that opens to the outside world then (and even did not have hour many better) it is her only wantonning. One-night standing also is such, those who play is a heartbeat. And, pass a strong interest with respect 西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛to bright. It is concern with lover, husband happening, have the area of different point. Everybody also has a lot of opportunity, but one-night standing criterion vest in finish what remove to be cast aside.



Can ran reduce bloo千花坊约会归来d pressure

Cantering to affirm in entire body building is more convenient and quick reach its hot kind, it won’t get the demarcate of the address between , in modern society, night runs reaching its morning to drill also is majority person it is to choose a kind of method that take exercise. Although say to canter,be aimed at human body first-rate, but actually major person does not understand it after all can forging arrives the what of human body one part, canter most first the heart function that of forging is the body, additional and long-term sex everyday ran still can be had fall the practical effect of blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the actuating pressure that creates to hemal wall when haemal fluidity, the actuating pressure with was released constant to blood when heart furl conveys hemal, it is to make the same score the Zuo in the blood pressure that says cons广州夜网 广州夜网tantly to press; And recycle of the blood when heart left room enters a heart, the haemal quantity in blood-vessel is little, the actuating pressure that blood-vessel sustains decreases, namely the bottom in the blood pressure that we say commonly is pressed.

Very clearly, affect the essential factor of blood pressure height, it is cardiac furl action first most, cardiac furl function is better, furl and left room level are properer, blood is met into the heart from heart eduction and recycle enougher, steady balance sex is smoother, the actuating pressure that hemal place assumes is less and smooth.[……]


Aluminous have wha上海外菜会所t effect

Edible is alkaline some closer year of room that is used it is very much, edible is alkaline most those who begin to be applied is as what purify water effect. Most put into blinding first, black charcoal, add edible again alkaline can filter water to be able to be drunk. Edible is alkaline the effect that also has Peng Hua, be in especially scamper deep-fried twisted dough sticks or be it is Peng Hua food is completely can be taken, daily nowadays the scamper deep-fried twisted dough sticks that sells we all in the morning or it is oily steamed bun, amid is to join have edible alkaline this kind splash goes up food.

What do the action with alkaline edible and effect have

1. edible is alkaline as clean water agent

Edible is alkaline this kind of material can a kind as clean water agent, edible is alkaline after deliquescent water上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛, the positive electricity that contains solution of alumna gel body meeting and the glue of fine sanded heal that take negative electric charge meet generation counteracts reaction. The heal glue that loses positive electrical charge can sink underwater, can achieve the actual result of a very first-rate clean water natural resources, make we all is drunk crystal and clean completely transparent water natural resources, the water natural resources that drinks health of a few body and mind more at ordinary times is aimed at health of body and mind to have profit greatly.

2. edible is alkaline as bubble extinguishing chemical