The husband of psychological allergy

Quality, always is evaded for everybody, be escaped. Heretofore still cannot use at ordinary times the heart goes look upon. It is a lot of father mother feel to discuss sexual issue with the child very, not only be ashamed Yu Qi ages, have self-esteem of Wei old person, of the bisexual knowledge of child of even if look upon raise a question, craven all the time also, incoherent.

A lot of people think the gender is illuminative education begins to green budding child merely, not be actually.

One loves the man of content addiction, 21 years old, the job counteracts study to groom very good, only question is to see the female’s breast is short of broke reason. One day he is when children pleasure ground the problem is paroxysmal, go lay a finger on a few ladies, by arrest hind, he teachs place with insulting woman blame to sentence fatigue. Accordingly he also very anguish, impawn reform, but after be being released not a few days, he another fault is again wrong. After the description via him himself, psychological expert was begun to its analyse, former, when he is small, because its parent body is bad to make milk is insufficient, stran广州夜网

gled him to drink the right of the grandma then. He does not have a grandma that has had mother almost so namely, he is to other child lean close to in mom bosom drinking a milk also is envy unceasingly. Thereby, created huge interest interest to the female’s breast. When he is 34 years old, saw the breast appears when mom takes a nap one day, before going up, go to fingering, do not wish however by mom shout abuse one, because this strengthened new to a of female bosom move further. Come on after adult, it is not OK to arose psychology of automation pilot allergy.

Foluoyide emphasizes the patriarch of the depth psychology: “The primary work experience that children grows will become decision-making individual henceforth the crucial essential factor of individual behavior method. Darling phase has very big effect to the generation of one individual disposition, it is the baby suffers frustrate circumstance to fall very, this kind of primary mentation defeat is right his disposition can cause effect of all one’s life. ” expert proposal, if at that time this mom is not shout abuse, just inform a child actively, maternal body is bad, do not have breast having a parent, because this fails to let you eat,go up milk; of mom and even often ought to let a child try to eat two, often make his stroke, in that way the child feels not easily curiosity, depressive feeling won’t be sufferred on mentation, the sex after causing adult is abnormal.

Explain according to material, in the patient of allergy having a sex, constant recall young experience personally constantly, the patient that has 88% is in the gender baffles and childhood period phase destroys too by. This and childhood period of adult come not to be pooh-poohed of family education means has regular contact. Fragrant ode of Ruan of expert of illuminative education authority has said famous sex: “The gender is illuminative educational key period, it is children phase. The child falls in circumjacent environment influence, just began to arise slowly to various consciousness of the thing, amid includes state of mind of sexual consciousness, sex, be like sexual morality standard. ” parents should hold this one key period, send sexual culture education purposefully especially to the child, build perfect character as soon as possible.

Relevant and authoritative expert puts forward clearly, children admits a gender the crucial means of illuminative education is be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, among the ideal individual action that appropriate sexual consciousness gradually be in harmony takes a child. Most first, according to clad collocation, buy a toy, little after the method such as game portrays the social part idea that gives a child of course, the land of professional morality dribs and drabs that develops by the society again urges part standard of the child, but need not pay attention to the difference among sexual too too, for example of dress too too coquettish wait. In addition, want proper response to solve the sexual doubt that the child raises clearly, for example child of 34 years old asks: “Mother, with where do I come? ” mom cannot state some father to say at will temporarily ” driveway edge is collected those who come back ” or ” be born from tickle nest ” these. In that way response, clearly is not worth scientific research. Can say directly: “Go out with be born in mom’s abdomen. ” if the child asks again,can say: “There is the area of a palace calling lonely in maternal abdomen, after you grew 10 months there all the time, come down in father’s expect hospital outpatient service just gives birth to you. ” to organ of children devastate reproduction, watch nake, the sexual game among the child, need not shake with fear, severe rebuke; wants happy-go-lucky, make with proper way child prescind force, be in then imperceptible in in stop with respect to enough. Otherwise, adult appears unusual main display can stay to the child have a mind close, horrible, and even dirty incorrect imprint picture, bring about the block up of self-awareness.

Children is a gender the initial drop of illuminative education. From small let its generate sexual demand of course state of mind, model the sexual consciousness that has active and health of body and mind, active, reverse side, have crucial real sense at the child’s lifetime.


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