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all12Die water fleeting time               Die water fleeting timeIn have kind of idea a long time ago, in the person’s lifetime, the thing that not much stationary point starts formerly, will regret the other day notReach — is the experience when am I young just in cerebrum had delimited hurriedly? You can be depended on get formidably unapproachableDoes memory take out the memory of a tiny bit from inside cerebrum? If can autohypnosis, through h上海花千坊1314ypno上海花千坊419JGtic have memory, thathow can you jump out will hypnotic condition listen attentively to his? If other is hypnotic, how can face oneself to once made againIs those who fall Babylon? In lifetime, the thing that ego filters is too much…Write a thing, not be to want certainly wantonly Bacchic, a lot of moment, just be in very long later now and then leaf through, Laugh willingly, so I ever also had had the sadness that forgets already then, happy. Just see a stage play ” if I am not Li Bai ” , say inside: Person this all one’s life, who is not easy, for assortedthe thing that is about to so much holds an egg unluckily, so much does the person of the egg! And these factitious what are even animatedLive beside you. Why everything your, your life, your happiness, your feeling, your fuckCan belong to go up what thing, should build with these bird people on relation, seem to live without their fuck notlike! Depend on my immature view actually, this lives namely actually. Be born is life, it is an experience alive, Experience life. No matter be painful, happy, disease, health is acedia still, struggle, quiet, happy…One kind be a person grows. The day yesterday cannot leave the person that abandon me to go random my heart person many days of irritated care now! Want to abstain, kids does not haveCandied meeting cries be troubled by, we are cannot get what what want and pained. What distinction do this have? Have He Wei again big? HaveWhat a word says is very good, if your elephant is captious,oneself nag like your lover, so your lover should be compared nowa lot of better. Open a webpage, above in between the lines, everywhere sprint is worn dejected, vexed, depressed, lose, complain… let what the person sees have arrogant and domineering only, befuddled, ignorant, at last is in come sentence this world howDark, why I should be put in ~ of ~ of this worldly ~ or beside I believe to always blessing of a providential escape can come to me. Connect Hewei not to know happily however. Just blindly deceive oneself as well as others make oneself vivid be in visional in go. I am not to preaching, who censure involuntarily. This surroundings place that is bound and me these a few years thinksJust, probably the following oneself turn to be in later will see a likelihood feel present oneself are very babyish still, but also meet howeverLet oneself more intimate him knowledge. For what is the person’s lifetime after all? What is just happy? Similar such problem is all the time with formThe network of lubricious color, in reality. The answer of the answer also is multifarious. This is an older than Y2k issue, Even if the greatest learned man also cannot reply. I feel the person is a person, it is God gives you the chanceGo feeling this world, go belong to oneself life only by. So this problem itself is without a meaning, Ugly like beauty of good and evil, these itself and the standard with specific neither one, everybody has him measure, resembleLike writing a composition, won’t have the presence of right answer. Since be delivered of,came actually, went down work, indigestionPolar, brave ground is forward again forward, always not be ideal move living it is for what, be carried out however hardExperience the feeling of

life! Cannot forget the self-communion with old age special Sa: The life gave me a lot of, also make me clear at the same time, all these is done not have much魔都新茶论坛Little meaning. He with the snout that is thankful none, light and negative that legend, resounding, affect the lifetime of several generation. HeSay: Be apt to is evil actually, evil ability is be apt to. Acedia heart, have did not counterpoise what thing can be done, what thing can be done? Nobody can answer him. I do not understand his word, also cannot explain his idea, because I am not him, I am done not haveHis experience, the direction of our thought is different. Use ” other is Tartarean ” : Cannot find living sense, The world is Tartarean. Cannot find living sense, the heaven of the true colors nevertheless piece countless dilettante hopeful person, Filthy like the holiday the manners and morals of the time is more and more threatening the person that become deep pessimism. Cannot find living sense, the life although constantHave some of small joy, grain Full is sufficient, little interest, after all the big happiness with bad real taste. Cannot find living sense, dayChild no matter how sunshine, the heart does not drop empty move after all, cannot destroy disillusion feels. Should be born, slowly the life that becomes a kind of adamancy, when walking below the foot like ant to death, somebodyBegin to ask oneself raw sense, because had done not have formidable foe, let be born feel loneliness. Why do I want living? Why do I want dead then? Since still can be born, still do not think dead, that wellLiving. Life is a person live, everything to live, better live! ” Darwinian language ” . The person is the most essentialnature is not be apt to and evil, go after joy however, evasive and painful, this is natural choice, doing not have biology can beExceptional. We are automatical existence, although do not have a meaning, but the right that living is us, return at leastThe person has the right to strip this our right. If say significant, also be opposite meaning only, it is the meaning of creationJustice is not natural meaning. Little scope is we repaid parents, fostered children, cheerful other; Biglimits we had made contribution for the society, for the mankind development has made contribution, be record in annals to affect offspring. This is a companyThe mainstream consciousness of the meeting, it is the consciousness that the creation below social progress comes out. Nevertheless my individual thinks those who say is the person is done not have originallyHave any obligation, what can you choose to be not done, if if you can live,going down. We hopeDo a bit more outstandingly, no more than is to live weller, live more wonderfully. And this is the purpose that we live! Do not ask others what happiness is, oneself joy and anguish have him only ability is the clearest! The person’s thoughtLike dactylogram, look very much the same, however neither one is identical. The happy and happy mark of alleged othersAccurate, or it is to be an upright person criterion, classical comprehend be others nevertheless to stop, you can be drawn lessons from, can think, howeverNot blindly imitate / to one circulates very wide love professions: If the distance between us has 1000Pace, you want make a move only, I can take the 999 step that go. Can look in me such love far fromCan make love. If be me, I won’t want, love is equal originally, pay too little, won’t cherish, becauseThe distance of one pace at any tim上海后花园419FHe can face about: Pay too much, apprehension is too much pressure is too heavy, because already thorough, be in alsoWent not to come back. Balance issues ability to be able to be balanced in equal weight only, can profound difference of be patient of, however cannot too much. We are all laic, unlike who who is great also go which, affirmative also metropolis has a lot of things to be like person meaning very much, Want to know Chang Le of content with one’s lot, want to know indefatigable pursuit, also should know cherished treatment. From had done the thing before to leaveOnly then, do not think the thought is crushing everything, it is admittedly good to know a few truths more, but the person’s energy is finite, the action actuallyMore important, the reason that does not need to understand need not understand, this also is a truth. See those so called heads soIncomplete people, or it is so called like song spy distressed people, need not censure, need not scold, that and we have nothing to do, We need only: Do what one can, know destiny. Do not want and they are serious, serious, you were defeated. Dispute justice fromIn popular feeling, what detest to us, do not censure, do not understand, not thorough also, had crossed oneself hard, letOneself feel joy is good! What thing won’t resemble black and white and same so clear, so on the net so much if how how, be aboutHow how. Perhaps want how how, with respect to this how how. These are met probably your resonance since the shadow, butOrphean like song is same, can listen, can think, can recall, but what sing in the song is not you, Not blindly go imitating, do good yourself! You should make this gift. I know a person, he is having steady income, what salary of a year solves those alleged room exert quite is irritatedAngry, and the age is not old, with our similar, working hours although be worried, also do not cross hardship one day 5, 6Hour just. He everyday work even if sleep by day, in the evening each public place of entertainment, of spend money like water living. This is the life that envies with 0 people for the most part, look in us he is certain very happy. But he is actually constant howeverDejected, because he does not have direction, come when everything too too easy, cannot experience gotten pleasure, although hillPrecious choice seafood, do not have appetite however; Although friend group, dare not believe easily however; Although cummer is ceaseless, do not have howeverA sincerity; I and he is not very familiar, be a thought probably is different, be the life probably is different, but IOften think because of him however, so-called money is to be able to solve a lot of problems, but how much is the upper limit of fortune? NeedWhat more or less should just maintain us quite is happy? This world, have so the person of a handful, open newspaper, it is themmessage, open TV, it is their message, streets and lanes, eristic is their message, as if the worldPrepare for them, they can control the forces of nature, omnipotent. Your target, should be to become this hardA handful person. Such life do you want? Regrettablly I do not think, the appetite of everybody is different, I am not envied eatThe person of delicacies of every kind, also not the person that cool detachment has green vegetables of steamed bread of corn, the bowel that should accord with oneself only is fed, allow a s上海4197龙凤DFurname that oneself takeCalm is happy good. Remember, see TV on average exceed 3 hours above everyday, one choose a site for the capital is those months of incomeDo not exceed 2000 yuan, if you want lunar income to exceed 2000, do not waste time on TV please. WithThe truth of appearance, those play network game on average everyday or chat of above of more than 3 hours, also be those monthsIncome does not exceed 2000. About this bit also not actually, the person is not unripe coming down is for the job, want to have onlyThis ability, the mood below recreation might as well? Perhaps do not live oneself viewpoint force the thought with others. The person that although rely on game,makes money is not much, but cannot overrule completely, I am not to replace these person conversation, also not be to rouseEncourage goes so do, this is the problem of oneself, be decided by and oneself. Because the poor is very much, and the poor does not have money, so, they just can chat on the network complain, fritter awayTime. Do you have had seen which company manager or officer director are occupied don’t have a thing to often be in QQ group of li of prattle? Do not thinkMake any assessments, if popular feeling is marine, everybody does not know inside whats to have, must say a the rights and wrongs why again? About love, have so a word, without biscuit, how to dance? Whatever moment, you decide to goWhen loving a person well, must consider the best corporeal life that to her you can give. Mixed yesterday 3 father’s younger brotherDrink, he explained a lot of things to me, also had mentioned the problem about this respect, corporeal foundation is certainsafeguard, but is the key a bottom how much is be restricted? The person of older generation, corporeal bottom is restricted is dress warmly and ear one’s fill, in anomalisticIt is dress warmly and ear one’s fill adds housing, and now is a room really, car, have gold of so called card even. But you dare say to have house cardo you compare older generation to have the happiness of dress warmly and ear one’s fill only certainly? So must know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is restricted, if your happiness is onlyWant a water to form ice, so 0 1 are spent just good, expend Zhou Zhang greatly why again must do temperature 560 degrees? Already tired oneself, freeze bad again others. Suitable talent is good. 3 father’s younger brother said a lot of, tell me howeverThis is his experience and impressions only, need not think more, need not draw lessons from, should regard it as in light of the story, because of eachThe individual has his story, the leading role of the story is him, do not imitate oneself story into others, alsoDo not regard oneself as the leading role in others story! About friendship and love, do not say who betrayed when departure, Those who belong to you is only once him ” she ” , it is to belong to when departure the following he ” her ” , two person the thought is differAppearance, so former it is brother it is a lover, latter is stranger, if two person regard as an organic whole, with respect to no wonder ignore fromLook for indolence fast. Old hind you need to remember I ever had had a such friends only, sweetheart, we had had together howis a kind of joy enough who is ~ must emphasize that individual why? Without giving thought to black clouds how densely covered, remain the same cloak not the rainbow after rain. What try hard so is living. What try hard so is living.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-8-29 17:39 editors9 editors


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