Be in S上海419贵族宝贝hanghai, handing in big

all8Be in Shanghai, handing in bigDo not understand really occasionally, what why time passes is so fast, had come to Shanghai have so广东犬马之家论坛FDme of time. From the newspaperArrive to do sth over and over again accommodation, from arrange baggage do sth over and over again to arrive attend class, from attend a meeting do sth over and over again arrives choose an adviser, from can get lost on footDo sth over and over again rides a bicycle to askew… look round see these days, just knew to experience so much! One, learn7 people attend class, 7 people finish class, 7 the individual’s classroom, the injury does not rise! You dare sneak away? You dare sleepBecome aware? Dare you play a mobile phone? You not dare, you are exclusive dare is, attend a lecture, think, discuss. Sit in one pieceOn elliptic conference table, teacher need not blackboard, need not PPT, can tell 3 classes fully; Our woodHave a teaching material, some is the library only by tens of thousands Marxism book. Actually, I all along wood has had thought, turn to liberal art what to is no good from science department, of course, I now also wood hasFeel to be no good, but incommensurate really. Facing ” the Communist Party is enunciative ” , read, two, 3, I want to know what he said after all very much! Turn over a book every time, see thickly dotted small character, I am thinking, doMathematical subject is much better, write a program pretty good also ah, otherwise electrician also goes. Read a book every time, how to lookDo not be over, so thick, so thick, face 50 when the teacher may give composing about M上海花千坊爱上海arx even, but howdo? Then, go to the library every day, surprised to blame, I come out from the library every time, obviously the book has borrowed, That alarm bell still wants noisy, every time I must walk along ability travel twice. In the time of library sneak away likelihood comparing reads a booktime is even long, not be I think sneak away, it is true not sneak away is no good, do not understand really! Come equestrian courtyard catchs up with administrative division of cereal of American case orchid to establish university philosophy to fasten is n of e of h of p of e of director S t the professor comes this autographAbout, listened one the English afternoon ah, besides the interpreter understood, other wood has understand, take the opportunity next, The foreign professor that sees inaccessibly to only said two words: THANKYOU! B y e – b y e ! 2, trafficWill hand in big, what is the first thing that knows I learn? Cycle! ! ! This is how strange thing, I do not feel I can learn the bicycle, but inThis before do not see a classroom, the place of the dormitory disappears after, I must learn. The school is honest too big, arrive from the dormitoryClassroom, be returned for ages by bike, but those who make me gratified is, this is a bit more auspicious than China division also, their dormitoryRun to the outside of the school, still must sit bus, ha! If you have,want to circle hand in turn greatly the good idea of circuit, thatEstimation is stray! Be in this place anyway, I do not know where is north, more Biedina! ButHanding in still is pretty good drop greatly, can have school bus, and do not want money, if wood has a thing, can sit all the time above, Enjoy freely hand in big one day swims. Hand in mostly so big, more do not carry Shanghai. From me the dormitory goes to Li Xiao dormitory, very not easy. HeadFirst, reach from my dormitory slipper door, sit next the bus goes the subway stands, sit on 5 lines, turn next 1 mark line, Turn again next 3 lines, sit again next the bus goes to his dormitory. Add up back and forth 4 hours, this whenBy air, can run from Shanghai Changchun two! So, came to Shanghai these days, other person is wood has how had encountered, the person of this ask the way veryMuch. Actually I dare not reply, because I also do not know really, had answered a family, still make a mistake, it is good that ashamed remorsed a long time. 3, the lifeHanding in what live greatly still is pretty good, dormitory two people, there is a sitting room between the bag, closet and the place that bathe. But what let me exclusively cannot understand is, bathe every time you must use 2 fund, although you shut water, althoughYou take card, it still is in deduct money! ! ! It is OK that the meal of the dining room still calculates, it is bit more expensive, be in the river is old 3. The noodle of 5, here have to 5. The thin pancake made 上海龙凤自荐区FSof millet flour that I like most is not expensive, but also Mu Youjiang is big delicio阿拉爱上海 北京大兴us; Still I like absolutely flavour duck neck, alsoWood has; Favorite stone pond market fries a meal, also wood has; Line of favorite egg young rice, also wood has. , or pretty thinksRead aloud the river is old, if be protected at that time,grind, not good, still need not so painstaking one’s deceased father ground, really foolish ~Meet old person very good, especially the teacher of X courtyard and learn to grow learn elder sister people. Receive us to give me for the first timePeople brought so much delicious, the Mid-autumn Festival when still ask us to go engorge, give KT additionallyV 4 hours swim! The college is small be good, whole institute goes having a meal, altogether 23 people, two desks are enough, Envy envious hate! That boss上海贵族宝贝sh1314DS of fruit inn is very good also, go buying a fruit to still give long car, still be not say I am bigOf one, ah, still go next time! The driver of the bus is very good also, our wood has drive a station to the card, he is in howeverThe place that is not station shop sign opens the door to allow the car on us, this is in having stannum is absolutely wood some. Say Shanghai person is very antiforeign, Perhaps I see be good person however, moral quality is good! Anyhow, the day that is in Shanghai has pain, also have sweet. Once had shaken, why do I come here, go toThe city of bit, leave home nearly a bit, often can come home again, pressure need not so big, I ask myself, What do I want, what do I go after, the answer is not to know however. I also do not know why I come here, for assortedchoice, why read a graduate student again. All these such faintness and kink, but I know onlyA bit, since I chose, I hold on with respect to need, to study the support in the home

when grinding, to wander whenThe proposal of Mr. Wei, when writing to a heart to break his encourage, it is for my future with him more. So, hardJust be good sense, cheer!


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