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all6Rise duty to be thankful letter               Rise duty to be thankful letterGive a letter of the secretaryRespectable secretary, hello! Sit before computer, a lot of setting swarm into brain immediately, before float lose face, feel to a lot of a lot of words want to say, But when wanting to write down them truly, feel to use up expression of be apt to hard again. My constant rejoices, in my life closeKey hour, encountered me to give birth to the noble that hit the target, it is you and they gave me the help, push me to grow, be in and yo上海龙凤阁uin communicating every time, can acquire a lot of, no matter be means of concept, thinking, still be an upright person criterion. Ceng Ji gets understand audit to come back, your sharp to me criticism; Ceng Ji must be during audit of Hong Kong firm, youSay ” should value the job, be thankful Yue is amounted to ” if language; Ever wrote down so that made an on-the-spot investigation last year, you send me mail mediumInculcate; Ever wrote down so that conference of work of audit of the beginning of the year ends satisfactorily this year in the evening, your happy mood excessive Yu YanWatch… these will become me in life precious fortune, accompany my lifetime. I often say to the friend beside me, if let me compare myself, I think I should be a cupGreen tea, firm bubble when clear and transparent, bubble is a bit longer just can have tea sweet, a bit longer, perhaps meet more mellowSweet. ” of gentleman hand in weak like water, of Lilliputian hand in constant Qi Qi. ” of the society of metabolic city, development, be agitatedPeople上海干磨店688一览表, forget all these already, the friend’s definition already evolved into what go up into wine desk to toast each other, the chaos of beautiful willow alley is beautifulConfuse an eye. See your communication in ministry of joint-stock company finance affairs for the first time from me, from the firstSecond call tell me ” Chairman Zhu came ” , assist you to keep data of financial audit joint meeting for the first time from meLate night overwork job, accompany you to be away on official business for the first time from me… I am deep be had an insight into by yours and think of differentiate place to be convinced, IOften think, perhaps be my lucky cause, on the road of my life, always favour caught up with the footstep of noble. This departure, it is in good luck really. But I know deeply, this just begins, the process is to prove fromOneself, and will not end forever. Walk out of this one pace, I establish next dead command to oneself: ” cannot give a bookWrite down humiliating, cannot let audit department bring shame on. ” I always ask myself whether this one pace is some faster, because of these two yearsThere was first-rate feeling really in audit department work, but I also know very well time won’t flow backwards, the history always needsThe person goes compose, a common saying s南京千花网论坛EFays: “The billow before 上海贵族宝贝sh1314SHthe billow after the Yangtse River is pushed, billow dies on the beach before. ” I do not hope fromOneself the billow after becoming, 上海龙凤阁the billow before hoping oneself are become more. From my individual character, I am clerical arms forever, on new post, my general becomes to drive tide hardPerson, make success, realize ego, not the education of disappoint secretary and accredit. Above broken language, acknowledgment secretary unplugs busyness is read. More wait for the other day, xing Pan and secretary become wine song, lift cup seek a month! Wish a secretary finally: Healthy, family is happy! Healthy, family is happy!! This card is final by S

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