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all13Leftover evil of demon of acute communicable diseases promotes storm again, cure protects couplet of be of one mind to sleeve beat back  Leftover evil of demon of acute communicable diseases promotes storm again, cure protects couplet of be of one mind to sleeve beat back– my county doctor protects mark of human affairs of feeling of disease of mouth of brothers of personnel beat backThe summer of sorching sadly far go, the autumn wind of sough is following one by one. But, have not there’s still time loosens the mood to enjoyThe Jin Fengyu that gets next one falls is shown, the arrival of the brothers mouth ill little patient of in quick succession, knock noisy to us write downHeavy alarm bell! Since nursery school will term begins in September, between the child more frequent, intimate contact, increasethe spre上海龙凤419论坛QEad opportunity of brothers mouth disease, became silent in my division the brothers mouth disease of two months appeared again. Brothers mouthIll epidemic situation has the power of resurgence greatly, must cause our attention. Past of turn one’s head, clearly is in eye. Since infection division held water 2010, my family doctor protects personnel to be in beat backIn the battle of brothers mouth disease, bend uses up its heart, exhaust its power, make concerted effort, unity is strength, be in these my countyBlaze of spreading brothers mouth serious illness is put out, an another motherland future ” flower ” from brothers mouth diseasesave below devil’s talons time, let another cries the smiling face that makes health of disturbed little baby emersion, let anotherThe parents of angst uneasiness is slow ban knitted brows…Remember this year wintry spring during, brothers mouth disease is in my county is wanton infestation, 5 families live at a draught inside full a flock of notThe infant that favour is affected by brothers mouth disease, the corridor that once added bed general ward for many times fills those who get full to the brim, veryCame to also cr魔都新茶论坛ERam even room of outpatient service infusion brothers mouth ill little patient sometimes. The illness has have gently heavy, but no matter weight, toFor the parent, sweet heart hits a sneeze nervous unceasingly, be this kind makes whole society panicky for a time what is more,the rather that moreBrothers mouth is ill! At a draught, the children in congested ward cries noisy as one falls, now and then a few pretty do not tell be mingled withThe parent of manage is scolded questioningly to ours and cure protects the communication explanation with scrupulous personnel. Temporarily between, demon of acute communicable diseases is blackLike cloud pressing city will raid, hoisting jack heavy burden is pressed to our humeral head, we must times feeling pressure, fight with one’s back to the river-fight to win or die! Then, in Director Su Chuanqing and Lin Gong matron guide below, nurse of my family doctor cooperates cheek by jowl, make concerted effort, Hammer and tongs, implement 13 core system seriously, abide each regulations system strictly, scrupulously and respectfully fulfil his duty to defend, each departmentIts duty, agglomeration becomes an awe-inspiring righteousness, greet to billowy and the demon of acute communicable diseases that come. Busy when everybody works overtime actively, A bit leisure organizes vocational study self-consciously, discuss each other, communicate a result, sum up experience, draw a lesson. NotHuman relations illness weight, everybody does not treat sth lightly absolutely, medical history asks seriously after the little patient is admitted to hospital, careful medical, essence of lifeThe treatment with effective heart, warmth nurses hand and foot, meticulous healthy propaganda and education, patient explanation is communicated, let originally anxiousSituation chases head sodden forehead, disorder to become sleek gradually, busy and not random. The form of color of a

spoken parts in an opera is in embraceHesitate to move forward in crowded ward move back and forth, as if angel advent brings timely rain bounty, enquire genially in succession, calmEnjoin to be in the ward echo oypllt 一品楼 江苏f the late night is voluminous, the blessing that delivers as Budda blesses…Half an year of all previous classics, the effort of everybody brought triumphal dawn eventually, in my county the上海外菜会所TF demon of acute communicable diseases of cause a temporary clamor successivelyRetreat in defeat, let what lot of a beautiful new student came to a premature end last year clutch wrist tragedy to repeat no longer. As infection division remove, IThe force of disease of mouth of brothers of courtyard beat back also becomes more powerful, in ” heal the wounded and rescue the dying, prevent disease to treat a disease, guard peopleHealthy ” in this battle, we will gain bigger victory. The alarm bell fall rings again, our responsibility still heavy. Bend the chimney and remove the fuel -take precaution against a possible danger, against a rainy day, just can preventSuffer from at was not being lighted. When in brothers mouth disease has not break out again, we want to hit out first, anticipate the enemy, general of with one actionBehead of demon of acute communicable diseases is killed at the cradle in. Disease of mouth of beat back brothers is a protracted battle that does not have smoke of gunpowder, it is alliance of a doctors and patientsThe war of collective defend health, also be a war that guards new student life to defend his country to did not come. At, public security countyPeople hospital be about to whole removes to new hospital, and effort is founded provincial and high grade hospital is mixed 3 class polyclinic, This also is vessel of reason of a change new, creation ” new student life ” war. Believe to be in this war,新上海龙凤魔都新茶论坛 we will continueMake concerted effort, achieve in all brilliant! Make concerted effort, achieve in all brilliant!! This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-10 15:26 editors6 editors


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