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all10Half autumnHalf autumnAutumn scenery gradually deep, manner all sadly, mood and wave the Huang Xie that fly falls into the autumn together, however of fallen leaves of be not a patch onPeacefully quiet. Mixed last night the friend prattle of a new knowledge, say to reach a woman, say to reach time, read her essay again, Beautiful woman is like tea, its article is deep and remote also like that, grow to have a halcyon faint scent at night. In the heart that lets do not like to talk for long verySome feeling. Remember having an implied meaning in have so a word: ” the state with best life is those who abound is quiet. ” this talk is lateKeep my memory. Keen, man, woman, be such very much? The age is longer, what is jumping over thos上海后花园419ERe who be clear that oneself need. This photograph of human nature of already ripe cicada and time, brief and peripheral delighted it is float Hua Langrui only, the trend of years is staticCurrent is deep. — say, woman. Because fatheaded, also because of fellow bad news at bread, had contacted a few very few women only, but also had seen have thisAppearance lets a person pass and unforgettable. They had had green feature no longer probably, even already was entered middleaged, but on the body however natural and graceful wears a kindAttractive temperament. Raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between, it is grace and charm are sent, sending out blast an attractive glamour. Tenderness is kind-heartedNot cowardly however, virtuous and dignified not foppish however, peaceful indifferently, not yielding however, this is kind of other cannot replace easilyidiosyncratic, also be this woman not the place of common. Be after experiencing abl上海贵族宝贝sh1314ution of too much harships, talent is experienced bearing. Be like season in half autumn, grow Tian Kuangyuan, autumn water not seek fame and wealth, halcyon however warm. Qiu Zhi namely half, this person Dan Ruju, refined faint scent however of brandish do not go. — say, seasonal, encounterAutumn travel namely half, take this tim上海龙凤阁e, already the truth of twilight season, enjoy with assume, contented with unwilling, The fireworks under one brim, those who touch so that live a powerful and unconstrained style is psychedelic. Life takes on from this dispenses that has it, not allow to suspicious, Need not say to defeat. Everybody is in fritter away life, can choose a kind to devoted to oneself means has been best. Can encounterConsider encountered person, that is a miracle. Moment of worldly person more is inspected with mask photograph, cater to other, talk frivolously. Touch truly of the heart a few can have? View th贵族宝贝 上海论坛e world so all dim. But want to have a person really, really favour is being encountered in that way a person, be willing faceTo her, do not add conceal, not cloak, not feint, calm shows heart door leaf. idea reveal everything. That should be what kind ofA kind of lot. This person, can take you, return green bud to be sent newly spring, pure and cherubic, let dark green of days of your come outOld dizzy catch, lukewarm embellish is like jade. But, that individual, give out the time of lifetime, also can not encounter certainly. So, cherish eye forefathers, need not go thinking each other can of consign, be temporarily, still be generation, knowMore difficult than love, the terminus of predestined relationship is only then makings do not and be destine

d already. Liang Jizhang tells a son, ” family member only lot, no matter I mix this all one’s life,you can get along how long, Also cherish the time of copolymerization well please, leave all one’s life, no matter love with do not love, won’t adieu. ” between person and全国凤凰楼信息网站 personlot is such, no matter mutual affection Bao Hou, no matter depth of kind and enmity, not say next all one’s life, a lot of moment, turnPersonally during, did not have the next time repeatedly. Did not have the next time repeatedly.. This card is final by XGCJ at 2012-10-26 16:41 editor1 editor


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