Unforg上海4197龙凤ettable 10 years (2)

all9Unforgettable 10 years (2)Unforgettable 10 years (2)Predestined relationship of add of the 2nd chapterWhen going to work the following day the picture that she still is as before in my brain, days seemed to return once upon a time, forThis, I made several elementary error on the job. After coming off work, I chose to go on that road, beCan see one side with her again namely. Actually, her home was not moved all the time, if I am willing, can followThe ground meets with her when 新上海龙凤to her home, but I did not choose so do, so as time passes, I also forgotI know her a fact of this be related. If it were not for the come across yesterday, perhaps we this all one’s life did not meet again reallyOpportunity. Encounter with her till yesterday that is flashy, I just remember, her home is so near this. WeIn that paragraph of day of association, I often did not go to her home, reason is to be afraid of be seen by acquaintance, I am derisive still at that timeShe, say fast be a family, what is afraid of what not be afraid of. Now this can be the thing in memory only. I know, I present am liking her as before, I also know, at the outset if it were not for has these set back, we became happiness earlyfamily. My in those days of one mind wants to loving her only, she also is such wanting. Regrettablly ah, good luck gets a personAh. Imperceptible in, I arrived again we yesterday the place of come across, I waited a little while over, looking forward toShe can appear in me before, but, 10 minutes went, 30 minutes went, 1 hour goes, she did not appear as before. My give up the idea forever, preparing to turn when the head goes, discover she is pulling her child suddenlyChild hand, toward me here walked over. I immediately excited deadlocked was in over there. In those days, she also is such, everySecond when going out to date with me, always can be late for a long time, but I never had blamed her however, always be patientThe ground awaits, grow more because of the time that await, when meeting, can jump over happy. This is not exceptional also. She seesI, showed a tiny bit of is surprised, I forward s上海千花网坊HGhe laughs, ” met again ah ” ” be, very artful. “” this, available this Sunday? Come out to chat a little together. ” ” have probably, that, when arriving againSay “” hum, can you give me your telephone call? You are contacted when arriving. ” ” hum, hum. ” she is in my handHer number was inputted in machine. So much is lain between when after year, her name appeared again in my mobile phone, at the outset, This can be the name of a mobile phone that holding me. ” hum, that, be contacted again. ” I say move and she fastens cent, There is her to hand closely in the hand my mobile phone. Return the home, I am uncontrollable still living oneself happy expression, so that wife ask me, what is there todayIs the thing so glad? I am busy say it’s nothing, it doesn’t matter. After eating a meal, my excuse goes out to take a walk, go in the villageIn, I took out a mobile phone, found that Ceng Jin’s so familiar name, pressed communicate key. Awaiting reportIn that a few seconds that the word puts through, I can hear my palpitant voice even. ” hello. Hello, which ah? ” thisAlso be her habit, although the metropolis on the mobile phone has an incoming telegram to show, but she won’t look. “Ah, that, It is me, are you convenient now hear a telephone call? ” ” hum, the child slept. ” immediately some loosen my nervous mood. ” that is good, are you then available tomorrow? I want to make an appointment with you to come out to chat, with respect to that coffee around your homeHall. “I spoke the actor’s lines that I prepare early. ” often go before us that. ” I followed again. ” such ah, that, good. ” ” hum, will see at 2 o’clock that tomorrow afternoon. ” ” hum,上海龙凤阁QE good. ” ” do obeisance toDo obeisance to. “” do obeisance to. ” hanged a phone, I feel I just completed a very great work, resemble a childChild same, I laughed at phonate gladly to come unexpectedly. But suddenly I realize, I had been a person that has a family, Also not be that need not visit all ground to like on a certain person that wool head 10 years ago again groups small. I am abruptFeel some fear. I arrived early that coffee hall, when dating previously, I always am used to early 15 minutes arrive, andShe is late chronically however. Go so, every time I should wait for her 20 minutes, the longest one inferiorClose 1 hour. Nevertheless also because such, meet every time I am very excited. As expected, spent conventional timeHind 5 minutes, she appears in my eye shot. ” feel embarrassed, was late. ” she was saying to sit. ” do not have a thing. I just also arrived. ” I reply. In initial period of time, each other did not talk, atmosphereSome are depressing. ” be here last, or 10 years ago. ” I was broken silent. ” hum, be, For ages. ” she replies some are casually, let a person do not look to give the tone that is reminiscent then. Also be nevertheless, sheDo not like to recollect the past namely, and in the memory that I like to was enmeshed in the past very much however. ” time passes reallyFast, flash key point, 10 years, these 10 years you pass fortunately. ” ” hum, pretty is pretty good ah. “” hum, that is good. ” conversational content is very common, the friend that resembles seeing for years is same, not, original notShould be such. Friend, are we friends merely? The trace that has loved her before New Year more stays in me already nowThe heart is medium, cannot obliterate forever. Whether am I present still loving her as before? Loving this word is too heavy really, I and she cannot be borne. Ceng Jin has the joy of how many, the joyance of how many, now by the sadness of how many, The anguish of how many. She ever said she is not what good person today, she is very bad, I think she is to joking all the time in those days, however, Till that day, what I experienced her deeply is bad, that is not barefaced bad, however a kind from the heart deepBe in the inhospitality that shows fully, what a kind of your person shudders is chill. When I realize this. I andHer relation had neared end, of course, I am the Leng Mo that can accept her, OK really, it is her onlyinhospitality does not accept me probably. So, saying with its is us part company, be inferior to saying is I am given refus by her inhospitalityoutside the door. Now, I encountered the sort of her inhospitality once more again, what the sort of is familiar with is chill. This, canWon’t be rejected once more? Abrupt, atmosphere begins to become a little awkward. I sea魔都新茶论坛rch was less than a topic, past also is often such, sayingSaying to do not have a word suddenly, be about to want desperately to receive next go down after all to want what to say, she ever said with me today suchVery tired. I think, the problem between us begins from at that time namely probably. ” come a few this years, I oneDid not forget you continuously, did not forget the sense that has liked you all the time. ” I say seriously suddenly to her. ” be? ” she replies casually. My heart immediately cold half, , old she before is like alsoIt is so right my, saying is to seem, because my memory to her of the sort of appearance is not very clear,be, probablyThe instinct that is me is evasive the sort of memory. ” next? ” I am speechless, “Next ” these 3 wordsPullback me from inside the illusion immediately reality. Not next, without the result, we already no longer young, no longerHave a dream, some is frosty reality only. I remember me in those days liking to say a few disgusting words particularly, Like an illusion particularly, imagine romantic thing, and she, it is a person that overtakes reality, perhaps say, exceed reality to me. To her, what christmas wants to receive is not elegant the chocolate that pack, however honest fleshy steamed stuffed bun. Knowing whether she present is returned is at the outset that her, I think she should not change. Romantic person is met as nowSolid blow becomes actual slowly, but, real person can be actual forever, go to be reality dead. Although such, although she ever had hurt my heart today, till still hurting my heart now, I still am lovingShe, cannot forget those who liking her the sort of feeling, cannot bear to like her so. Although cannot from the heart deepPlace li北京爱约派论坛king her, cannot leave her anyhow however, cannot leave that me to like the girl that go up at first. I resembleIt is the eddy that dropped to be called C, jump over defect deeper, till cannot extricate oneself. Actually, from original I can brightWhite, I and she goes final without method, ceng Jin has period of time, I very painful, covet is worn shouldGo changing this kind of outcome, depolarization force ground turns round it, but, gradually, I discovered my incapacity, discoveredMy insignificant, depending on me in those days cannot change outcome, then, I begin to become inactive, treat anyThing, anybody, nevertheless, I look later, even if do not deliver, the two people that cannot go final also are not hadHamper, want to enjoy love well only, go well loving, do not go, did not come, as long as now, had been close friends onlyThe ground is cherished now. When I understood this reason not easily very much, she leaves me far however, leave aloofI, from now on, I and she moved toward two different way. I do not hope I and she is two parallel, thatWe do not have appearance be mixed; I hope we are two parallel, in that way at least won’t further and further. ” not next. ” I say, ” the mind that I just think to let you know me. ” she did not talk, justLow he

ad. I do not know to receive go down what to should do, how should do. such, we are done not have twice all the timeTalk. Passed a little while, she looks up suddenly to say to me ” we go, a person is in the child I am not at ease. “” hum, hum, that, go. ” I rise leave a place. All the way our what word did not say, going all the time so, when getting on for her home, I a few 3Time want to hearten should making an appointment with her again next time first can be, always stop abruptly when be about to speak a mouth, this andDifferent of my previously it doesn’t matter, oneself sneer at secretly in my heart, to the person that oneself like really, I always am veryIt’s hard to say gives his aspirations, as a child moment rises all the time such, up-to-date still change without what. Final, I just also said a good-bye to go. On the way home, I keep blaming my at the same time, think at the same time, My love to her is so such nevertheless also, I am too trashy really. After arriving home, my excuse body is uncomfortableAnswered a room to sleep, I am in exceeding and sad when total meeting is used sleep come escapism. Wife still care the ground to ask very muchI have a thing, I say, sleep shut-eye is good, the hope is such. The hope is such.. This card is final by July 14 at 2012-11-4 13:10 editors0 editors


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