Crash chicken an夜上海论坛网d Kendeji, whose fault?

all11Crash chicken and Kendeji, whose fault? Will tell first tell crash chicken itself. From of old, in the bookshops with respect to buccal ear according to legend, the chicken that Kendeji uses is growing 4Leg 6 wing, there still is a picture to be able to be checked on the net, of course these pictures are p s completely, the letter is not believed by you, eat notEat also by you, who do I persuade innocently, I just abreact. I also am engrafted to cross this kind by parents ” fact ” , What the says they are in the United States trueingly friend saw with one’s own eyes that they return character sees 4 leg the chicken of 6 wing, consider a possibility now hePeople it is not to hope I eat Kendeji of and so on ” rubbish food ” just make up these lies that give. I manage asSexual person, listen to them this says, the first reaction is, how likely, do not believe; The 2nd reaction is, calculate 4 leg 6Wing, also do not represent this chicken insecure, if the United States allows them so dry, have their reason naturally, FDA is close to a god basically in the position in my heart. Do not know FDA oneself go Baidu, I think popular science divisionGeneral does not think popular science lets yourself Baidu, say I just abreact so. Have pity on heart of the world parents, their original idea is good, regrettablly they are wrong, they do not know Kendeji just isOne of China’s safest food. Why does people fear crash chicken? I can reply clearly, because of ignorance, because lack scientific accomplishment. What is general train of thought? Earthy chicken gives column 4 – 5 months, crash chicken gives column 45 days, have a problem for certain! What problem is there? It is eating problem for certain! Took hormone for certain, other what to eat. Specific ateWhere is what? Everybody does not know for certain, the likelihood is hormone, the likelihood is antibiotic, the likelihood is to grow element, the likelihood isAntiseptic, the likelihood is the nutriment that has side effect, likelihood these chicken are to turn of gene, the likelihood is penicillin…good these much are my flimflam, but you take this in the center any go making up a rumor to say euqallyCrash chicken eats this to be brought up, absolutely somebody is believed, and not little still, do not admit, this is the current situation. The person says crash chicken takes hormone, a few people knows what makes hormone? Do you know spermary can secrete estrogen? You oneFeel I am in surely bluff you, regrettablly, male spermary can secrete estrogen namely. Do you know a cell? You knowPath oocyte? Do you know the yoke inside the egg is a complete oocyte? You know the person’s egg is fineIs afterbirth how old? Why small so much of gallinaceous comparing person, but the oocyte big so much that gallinaceous oocyte compares a person however? A lot of people are connectedThe egg that he eats is not of be fertilized do not know. Oh, I am sorry, a lot of people call even what be fertilized not to know. MuchDoes little person still stay in cock and hen copulatory the administrative levels that hen ability lays? Say so, you think of coursemixing is right likely it seems that its may not is right, your common sense has 50 at least % be a fault, be likeIf really you are exceeding lack scientific accomplishment, your common sense has 90 at least % be a fault; Look mysterious at the same timeThing also may not is a fault, such example is too much, not be to want to lift very much, the hen is not for instance copulatory also can keepThe ground lays an egg, the egg that lays does not brood to give a chicken. The mankind why scared? It is to stem from pair of sealed fear greatly. Factitious what is afraid of ghost? Because did not seePass! Had you seen someone was taken by ghost? Had you seen ghost commits murder? Make clear there is sth fishy without evidence, thatWhy does people still fear? Because do not have a person,having seeinging, ability is so terrible, human instinct, To sealed fear. Crash chicken also is same argument, people fears, because do not understand completely,be. Want to understand? Oneself go understanding. Oneself look again after understanding or not be so fear. I not popular science, ISay my verdict. The majority chicken product that sells on market now, it is crash chicken. The reason is very simple, because crashGallinaceous petty gain. 100 what is getting the bet上海千花网坊ter of a group? Businessman. Do they open Kendeji to come to China to work? Make money. If you are businessPerson, give you 2 options: A commodity 10 yuan a jin, the whole world uses this kind of raw material, content of science and technology is high, haveCertain nutrition value, pass national security to detect, quality has assure certainly. B commodi阿拉爱上海 北京大兴ty 50 yuan a jin, onlyThe Chinese thinks this kind of product is opposite safer, nutrient value freeboard, pure natural free from contamination, but actually its battalionRaise value sealed, safety did not assure, do not supervise via national security produce by the SOHO that does not have aptitude without card directlySale. Are you chosen which? If you choose B,that is without doubt foolish force, I am not to scold you, I am to say you are madeFor a businessman you are without doubt foolish force businessman, and you can die very quickly. Do not have blind faith in again blindly pure natural, natural do not be equal to good, earthy chicken has his to be put in the meaning, but how do you define earthy chicken? The earthy chicken that you buy now hasMore or less be true earthy chicken? What do you know what those raise earthy chicken to eat to earthy chicken everyday? You know these earthy chickenWhether to pass before the sale examine quarantine? Be still you think earthy chicken is natural do not need to examine so quarantine? Naturalwon’t chicken fall ill so? Did natural chicken fall ill to sell came out to eat you to because be natural,also be indifferent to to you? What cries natural? How is the definition natural? Is earthy chicken he catchs bug to eat in barren mountain wild him mountain grown? StillBe the feed that eats a person to give? Do you eat corn not to eat feed to earthy chicken? o k , which come to that corn? Barren mountain is wildDoes him mountain grow? Doesn’t still ethnic group come out? How you know corn is planted? You know corn is notBe to turn of gene? The seed of which country is what you know corn is bought? You know why corn seed of the United States is producedIs the volume high? because corn seed of the United States is natural is yield so high? Not foolish, you should live in this onlyModern society, nonexistent natural, you want natural your dress is in the nude go hunting in remote mountains old mountain range, perhapsWhat can still come up against to grow white hill savage, I still hear kind happiness mother of an emperor is done not have dead, hide in the Himalayas arteries and veins to mix nowSnowman lives together. Ah ah ah, natural the illusion that looking in me is the person that does not believe science only just, in addition, Natural still be the edge tool that the businessman makes money, should say only natural, the price is one times higher than others, all the same a lot of people are bought. Even Kendeji sometimes with natural wait for a word to advertise, kendeji thinks his product says so that go up to the sky reallyLike that? Not innocent, kendeji just wants to make money just, because said natural bought person is much. You say it is falseAdvertisement? I do not agree, because human society does not have natural food, all saying is natural thing strictly speakingIt is talk nonsense, since everybody is in talk nonsense, do not have strict definition originally, that is nonexistent also false. You should open Kendeji, you have no alternative, you can choose crash chicken only, if you were chosen ” earthy chicken ” , thatThe market will wash out you immediately. Your just think, kendeji and Mcdonald’s use crash chicken now, where day agreesHeart radical head was smoked say I want natural I use earthy chicken, next he is a businessman he must make money, earthy chicken cost is high, thatKendeji formula nature should rise in price, the taste that the chicken hamburger that hypothesis earth chicken makes and crash chicken make isAbout the same (just assume, because earthy chicken does a mouthfeel that come to want for certain,differ) , mcdonald’s a formula 30Yuan, kendeji a formula 60 yuan, who still eats Kendeji? Environmentalist? Still be that word, livingJust be d p s , died fart also is not. You want natural you are about to had thought how you live, be in ” natural ” earthChicken falls without the circumstance of price advantage, pursuit is natural and undoubted it is bring about one’s own destruction, died who comes true again sell natural chickengreat ideal? Cannot die so. So Kendeji can choose crash chicken only. Say antibiotic transcends the problem of mark next, now the crash chicken antibiotic on market exceeds bid, I admit. But is this to breed non-standard and the problem of the problem of supervisory not do one’s best or crash chicken itself? Still take milkCome citing, for instance discovery was added inside milk now 3 get together cyanogen amine, how can you think? You can think, lie groove does not have fineUnscrupulous merchant, add inside past milk actually 3 get together cyanogen amine, sentence unscrupulous merchant capital punishment! But you won’t say, lie have inside groovy milk3 get together cyanogen amine, sentence milk cow capital punishment! Do not catch a cold although you are right scientificly, but you are not foolish right incorrect, you won’t think oxThere is 3 to get together inside the grandma the fault that cyanogen amine is milk cow, it is th上海品茶论坛e fault of the unscrupulous merchant that adds illegally for certain. Same argument, crashAntibiotic is added inside chicken, be the fault of crash chicken or the fault that add the person of antibiotic? How do you rise with respect to abrupt doubt fastDid the itself that become chicken come? Talk next why crash chicken should add antibiotic. Give you the ground of one square, let you raise chicken, raise supposeChicken is gain, you raise that is to say morer earn is more, originally one square raises 2 chicken, 2 chicken can fastHappy healthy ground grows, but you are sure dissatisfaction is sufficient, you want to make money more, you can be for certain on the ground of this one squarePut full chicken, altogether raises 20 chicken. Do you think you are very clever? You are wrong, present fowl-run, be in even thisBuild on the ground of one square 3 ” little room ” , such one square can raise 60 chicken, so you areCannot cleverer than the businessman. (the data that one square raises 20 chicken I am irresponsible, I also do not have investigation tooBe necessary to investigate, it is this meaning roughly. ) one square raises 60 chicken now, do not have some problems beforeCame now, chicken fell ill. Your just think, let you live in the room that crams a person, full ground is defecate, eatMeal when the flavour that those who smell is defecate and the foot of stink of sweat that fasten person to go up are smelly, air is not current also, the window is to have, but the person must stem the window more, such environment can you fall ill? Calculate you not to fall ill, but always haveThe person that than you the constitution needs should fall ill, did he fall ill to won’t cross you? The person with so nice constitution fell ill even you, That affirms major person metropolis be laid up. Fowl-run is so state. So laborious and brave Chinese thinksGave way, who makes Chinese businessman cleverer than Jewish businessman? What method? Eat antibiotic to chicken namely, In fokelore ” eat antibiotic when the meal ” , so say to have bit of hyperbole, the meal still wants to eat, it is every meal inThe face has antibiotic. Ate antibiotic, the body of gallinaceous itself fights force poorer, antibiotic stops, the chicken inside 3 daysWith respect to death ray. You can’t help上海花千坊419 wanting to ask, chicken is very pitiful, I raise a few less not to eat antibiotic to take a place less perhaps to them, Not good? You are foolish, do you think you become charity? Did not forget you are a businessman, what the businessman goes after is assorted? The increase is the biggest change. More crucial is, not be to have your chicken run only, other fowl-run is to make the same score rice60, eat antibiotic everyday; You are 10 to make the same score rice, eat antibiotic rarely, before the sale 7 days stop to takeWith antibiotic. So how much is your cost? The likelihood is the fivefold left and right sides of others, others 10 yuan a jin you want50 yuan a jin. Next you say k of c of u of f of e of h of t of t of w h a , you do not raise chicken under one anger, you go workingWhat, you opened a Kendeji, you came to countryside purchase, you see a fowl-run is writing 10 yuan oneJin, via examining quarantine quality is eligible; Still a fowl-run is writing 50 yuan a jin, via examining quarantine quality closesCase. You let chef buy 10 jins to go back each burn eat eat look, chef conclusion is both mouthfeel does not have a difference consistently, You serve as Kendeji’s policymaker, which kinds of chicken do you purchase? Tell here, already very clear, is Kendeji wrong? Where is the fault? Kendeji is a businessman, It comes to China sell fried chicken, be necessary to help your China government detect is chicken eligible? You serve as KendejiYou affirm the high level very ineffable, you come to your China set up shop, you sell fried chicken, you can not purchase American chicken onlyThe chicken that China produces, what you purchase is the chicken that branch of Chinese food safety thinks quality is eligible, if notYou also do not purchase qualification to be opposite incorrect, next the chicken that Chinese media says suddenly to you are purchased is unqualified, like thatChinese people blames you after, blamed you to purchase unqualified chicken, next you say f of e of h of t of t of w h au c k , still opened fowl-run to calculate. Kendeji serves as a businessman accountability detect the chicken that purchase, this is legal problem, I am not very understand, I am guessed is done not have, because Kendeji said not to calculate does then it still detect a fart ah? Does Kendeji say qualification is eligible? Who can detect does the meat that oneself purchase say unqualified ah? But law has I know, kendejiru is sent if reallyThe flesh that purchases now has food safety problem, must appear in the newspaper and stop to sell and recall problem product. Kendeji is annualEntrust China examine quarantine orgnaization undertakes detecting to the chicken that purchase, ever detected for a time give antibiotic to exceed bid, But Kendeji did not appear in the newspaper, I am opposite above all this behavior expresses Kendeji condemnation, in because it is certain,be being disregarded on degreeThe provision of compatriots civilian is safe. Next particular case is particular analysis, why doesn’t Kendeji appear in the newspaper? Because of Chinese lawLaw provision, do not report top fine 30 thousand yuan. If you are Kendeji high level, can you appear in the newspaper? After appearing in the newspaper, Everyday loss 30 million, do not appear in the newspaper to calculate finally was known to also fine 30 thousand yuan. Kendeji is a businessman, Appear in the newspaper or do not appear in the newspaper? Of course the practice that I do not agree with them, as the company that has social responsibility consciousness, of courseShould appear in the newspaper, I just want to say Kendeji to have a problem, our legal system has a problem more. Next KendejiWhat to do? Stop to sell? Kendeji discovers 6 mixed chicken of Shandong have a problem, change manufacturer next, Of course he did not say with the people. And I can be told with you, no matter Kendeji purchases the chicken of whose home, it is to haveOf same question, meet that is to say antibiotic exceeds bid, the reason is very simple, who does not exceed bid who is washed out by the market, Do not talk about ideal before reality. Mix drunkard wine is same, want to give an issue only, I can be sentenced beforehand immediately wholeThe industry has similar problem, very simple, so do if,can reduce cost legally you not so do youBe washed out. Product recall? What Kendeji sells is snack, what doesn’t this have really necessary? Who is bought ChineseIs fort put refrigerant take after 3 months eat? If you still want to scold Kendeji, I express to understand and do not object, Because Kendeji has his to do really,cannot get a not quite good place, can scold. But while you scold Kendeji, Didn’t you discover more the person that ground 上海2020龙凤of this firm firm abuses (or branch, orgnaization) ? Be who affixes 10 yuan of chicken that are full of antibiotic one jin of accepted tag? Who be suffer Kendeji to entrust andReceived what cost undertakes to chicken the report of mark gives Kendeji detecting exceeding antibiotic next to detect and did not announce(is I can tell you orgnaization of official food safety? ) ? It is who was made produce laugh legal as a result at cannotPunish severely what Kendeji hides the harsh action that does not sign up for this kind? It is who did not establish reasonable industry standard, as a result atEverybody makes the same score rice to raise 60 chicken (I can tell you industry standard is some, be nobody goes fulfilling? ) ? Although above a variety of, kendeji still is one of China’s safest provision. Because it comes from the United States, boneChild in have taller understanding to food safety, FDA punishs a person to be punished so that you also stand not to rise again absolutely; ItsSecond concern a section because of China, special ” keep an eye on ” these foreign snack, one have what a sign of disturbance or trouble to report wantonly, So Kendeji is in China particularly gingerly also on thin ice. Kendeji comes to China to also learn a lot of worse later, IExpress to distain, call animal to say like the wolf, the United States is a hypocritical nation, they are in the United States law-abiding society dutyAleatoric knowledge explodes because they are exalted,the watch is not, however because you are not exalted law is OK kill you, came to China, Their hypocritical essence came out with respect to dew, for the interest by hook

and crook. Do you return Kendeji not to send v i p quickly 7 fold card to give me? I just am your core client.


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