Lose you, be my lifetime is pain上海花千坊1314WRful

all78Lose you, be my lifetime is painfulHow much day went, drank again today a lot of, want suddenly what to write, such, drinking beer, knockMaking keyboard, wrote ~~~ of a bit pastWent a lot of years, in life before lower one’s head, of the habit originally everything is unaccustomed, alsoGradually the day that the habit does not have you, like logy to sit before computer, those who want to let oneself get moment is sober, Regain consciousness can gradually remember you. Think to there is real love at all on the world all the time, but after losing you, I discover I am wrong, know you, A happy beginning, losing you is the germ that regrets all one’s life, how many times in the dream, stretch oneself both hands, muchWant to clutch you, after awaking, you were not as before beside me. Was being lost is to lose, forever 阿拉爱上海 北京大兴GFimpossible farewellFirst, went how many years, see a psychology checks, ask, you cannot forget forever, you love most, youMost feel distressed, you most who is the person that hate to part with? There is the least bit hesitation in my heart, answer all is you, thinkYou had forgo贵族宝贝 上海论坛DFtten, so you still are all the time in my heart, had become the perso苏州4197龙凤论坛n ~ that cannot replace forever in my heartGradually I begin coma, the girl that does not have emotional foundation with went one case, without feelingAmative crack of the foundation is larger and larger, what I can do exclusively is self-surrender, self-surrender, again self-surrender. PainfulWhen sufferring from, come with medicaments paralytic oneself, again and again. Hate oneself all the time, in those days why oneself can make in that way issue, meeting so be unable to bear or endure alluring, meet 上海千花网论坛

楼风thatwithout prospect, do not have prospect to arrive to did not play that pair of hands that ought belong to me. My heart died, had died early, till 2 years later, again encounter with you, however you are accused howeverAccuse I say, you were about to marry, marry the person that does not love to you, you say you are dicey, you say you want to make the same score onlyInsipid spend lifetime weakly. I cried, my sad bite is worn oneself lip, feel as if a knife were piercing one’s heart, much teenager is owing youtear emerges and go out, I am sorry, perhaps be I can上海千花网2020FEnot give you happy ~~~ really fastened, of my lifetime love most. We will not come. We will not come.. This card is final by RachCooL at 2008-10-21 20:50 editors0 editors


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