Coronal change of weather hits the Basaou with the couplet of solemn Shuai Man of good energy of life and dead Song who to cheat [10P]

Coronal change of weather hits the Basaou with the couplet of solemn Shuai Man of good energy of life and dead Song who to cheat [10P]Graceful couplet gains a precious victoryYouwentusi and the match of this Ou Guan of graceful couplet, do not know to be able to let how many person remember on another Ou Guan that article of sports season blame attends. The adversary at that time is another Ying Chaoqiu the team heats up thorn, these two matches end with triumph of changeover of visiting team 2-1. Changeover of hopeless situation of the sports season on You Wen heats up thornAt that time advocate the fan heating up thorn that suffers changeover people, the likelihood wants not to understand auspicious situation issues team how to give end; Advocate the You Wenqiu that hits Wan Manlian is confused people, the likelihood also can feel puzzled how can this be defeated. The situation of two matches, have many similar place really. Advocate the team that fight holds clear dominant position, and follow a rational line to do some work well is obtained precede, still can obtain more goals it seems that. Visiting team has been been without the flower that be hit in good luck, can use change action also be used, still do not look to give the indication of how many goal. Be in a few minutes however in, the situation inverts quickly, You Wen uses 3 minutes of changeover hot thorn, graceful couplet breaks up with 4 minutes dish You Wen. Mu Shuai takes 3 minutes this completelyDoes the outbreak of graceful couplet have sign? Actually red demon of this sports season hind Cheng Fali is early either first, you Wen advocate after handsome Alaigeli is surpassed, also express, graceful couplet is in last weekend the match kind that there also is likeness among Ying Chao, the circumstances that wins a ball also is similar. But fall in the situation that understands these, even if is the Alaigeli with Europe war very rich experience, his hand grasps even if the Youwentusi with powerful actual strength, still also fail the palm accuses condition. Change Baerzali to be regarded as to cope with specific aim measure of Feilaini originally, who knows Dexiliao right way defends after end break down completely, be hit by graceful couplet continuously minatory ball, send an enough deadly free kick opportunity. The impetus of graceful couplet is caught well really, Dan Youwen actors or actress the situation falls to turn actively into defence greatly, also gave graceful couplet breaths and break up dish space. Before Baerzali changes Dexiliao, you Wen’s shoot, shoot plus to take actor apparentlyOf Alaigeli adjust sufferred a lot of doubt that You Wenqiu confuses, after all zebra army group is in the Europe coronal journey of at hand of father’s younger brother, painful because of guarding breaking good bureau is not first time absolutely. 2-0 banner Bai Ren is turned over dish, 2-0 precedes hot thorn is chased after to make the same score, be opposite plus this graceful couplet, when still including horse of 3-0 banner emperor even, did not continue wrestle life. And the Muliniao that leads a team this to finish changeover, 3 times Ou Guan goes out recently bureau also be guest field draw after coming back advocate a bureau, when be being censured to keep cause delay in work or business not little also. Banner team ” firm one firm ” it is more and more difficult to appear, Banner + great actor is not defended, first fat do not consider fat example increasing. Roman big changeover cling to SaSpeak of ” conservative ” , a lot of Ba Saqiu confuses pair of Baerweide’s coaches to for certain the word wants to say. After preceding, the choice is begged perhaps retreat firmly defend, not be originally cling to the football style of Sa, the result that prep let alone does so actually not good. Coronal of sports season Europe is opposite on Rome, baerweide underestimated adversary already reverse dish of determination, do not have seasonable meet an emergency again before the situation is beyond recall, lead to 0-3 disgrace finally to give the result of the bureau. And Aimeili ” drive aircraft carrier break up ” , also be to be in big Paris 4-0 great actor is prevenient, guest field grabs the advantage that gets precious goal to fall again, still kick more confused more, fail to squelch cling to Sa kickbacks wildly impetus. Player people attendant on flurried, become stunned, the action is differ, killing red send more before the adversary of the eye can’t bear biff. The goal of C collect fails to change a victoryExpress after C Luo Zaisai: Express after C Luo Zaisai:: Ou Guan is a special match, you can are in here banner, but cannot loosen, because everything is all possible. ” the C of great storms of Ou Guan of all previous classics collect, know very well this match has of course how elusory. Between despot of Europe land tip right definitely, everybody has his killer mace and the capacity that seize an opportunity, wrong opponent made possibly in the lesson inside short time. Actually the Youwentusi of at hand of father’s younger brother, belonging to the mirror that holds opportunity for combat, wash out emperor horse for example, shine piece cling to Sa, turn over dish of hot thorn. Graceful couplet has his strong point placement, menace nods Maxiaer, also greeted adversary to err to move this square right way random opportunity. Of course this is not to say graceful couplet can be captured every time, but once was captured by graceful couplet, you Wen have to a bitter pill to swallow that get down fails. Graceful city also was defeated by LyonsAnd Ou Guan’s unpredictability, also depend on this ” once ” on. You may encounter the adversary that ball wind photograph overcomes, the likelihood comes up against the player that su

dden status erupts, encounter injury, condition possibly also, sentence punish the interference that waits for accidental element. And nearly two years more those who make a person impressive is, even if arrived knockout phase, what the strength gap between team also did not imagine is big, weaker one party also is sent more to triumphal pursuit determined. With Roman changeover cling to Sa is a mark, one is in relative to younger team a bout was hit dish of success still breaks up can adamantinely below the circumstance of 1-4, show two 3 balls be over get the better of also hit do not retreat these tenacious challenger people. Strong strong dialog with respect to prep let alone, be less than the last moment, impossible somebody abandons, what is more,the rather that the capability that powerful group turns round impetus is stronger. More comprehensive, bolderIn last few years a lot of a specific example of a battle, revealing coronal is in Europe to people on the club match arena of thi

s top level, conservative beg firm it is may not is practicable, bold hitting out is constant and so OK that countervail place wishs. And the challenge of various form in the rival that faces different style and sports season process, let him battle array only as far as possible deep, make a way as far as possible ability of comprehensive, meet an emergency is highlighted as far as possible, ability do a job with skill and ease welcomes the competition. And the experience that even if gave coronal of a few Europe through summary of a lot of a specific example of a battle and even strategy, be being hit actually also is not all-purpose, this also is one of accounts with Europe so engaging coronal. Who can look down upon emperor horse again? As C Luo Conghuang the horse turns meeting Youwentusi, the Ou Guan of this sports season also is considered as come to a the situation is most daedal for years, a lot of team have the possibility that pounds champion. And the metabolic trend of situation of strong dialog of these two years of Ou Guanjiang, also make a lot of despot right definitely result more expect hard. With respect to Cong Manlian and Youwentusi the match circumstance of two bouts looks, red demon probably whole is not satisfactory, but also show the ability with the place that gave to cannot look down upon them absolutely and fatal moment. Graceful couplet is such, the emperor horse that members of 3 Lian Guanda part still are in prep let alone, and now cling to He Mancheng of Sa, Youwen is labelled 3 big popular also be vogue early. Arrived to want interest truly when, the specific condition on the integral condition of team and field how, at present nature still cannot predict. Ou Guan another classic battleYou Wen advocate be defeated by graceful couplet, calculate do not calculate an an unexpected winner? The result that considers a score a success of field of guest of bout blame article and match content and bilateral actual strength are comparative, this can say to go up is an unexpected winner. Benchangbi surpasses recombine zebra army group the clear advantage in great majority time, this suffers a defeat as ” Italian football ” place of battlefield report caption says in that way ” explain hard ” . The impetus of the match is turned round, also not be to do not have a truth completely of course, but nervous and intense Ou Guanjiang strong dialog, Existing really namely such ” explain hard ” . Ou Guan is hit to now this year, can be too difficult really guessed. Grading records this note recentlyLogionGold coin+ 15Hair post is painstaking! 2018-11-23 15:40


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