The advantage of O blood and disadvantage

O blood is a kind of rare blood form, this follows father mother each other are relative, if our father mother has,just be O blood, that Zuo child puts the state that has O blood. O blood does not contain antigen body A to follow B, it is to be able to give form of everything kind of blood to begin vein injection, but the relatively special and easy gastric juice giving of O blood metabolizes to reach its too much,state of mind contains power insufficient, because this understanding oneself is the basin friend of O blood,want those who concern to do well be on guard measure.

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is general hematic form a kind, point to to there is the blood that A antigen body does not have B antigen body again already in blood namely. The historical time of O blood is more ages ago, it gives probably at the Christian era 60 thousand to 4 Qu year among. The person of O blood has field of particular disposition, gas to wait. O can inside the human body that Zuo gives all hematic look, the person be all-purpose blood transfusion that says consequently.

The person of O blood gets what disease very easily

Every blood form is to have its unique character, it not only decision-making our disposition, still can continue to affect unripe sick condition of everybody, and the person of O blood is relatively special and easy following a few kinds of disease.

1, the comparison that the person gastric juice of O blood can metabolize is much, this meeting makes a stomach in very more sensitive, got gastric disease very easily. Everybody masters infection of pylorus helix bacili to be able to be opposite nowadays the harm is caused in the stomach, it is the crucial cause that causes gastric ulcer and its duodenum ulcer. And pylorus helix bacili very ” dote on ” the person of O blood, below similar situation, the probability that the person of other blood form affects wants many small.

2, the person of O blood is opposite commonly of state of mind self-restrained power is insufficient, special and easy state of mind giving kind disease. And in the patient in depressed disease, the number of O blood should pass other blood body high aloof. Accordingly, the person of O blood falls to the circumstance of sta广州夜网

te of mind giving and mentation problem, want to learn from good examples to ego is adjusted or seek the help of psychological expert. Return the thing that can do some of oneself to love more, in order to make state of mind restores as soon as possible.

We all is after the easy sicken disease that understood O blood, in Sino-Japanese at ordinary times often live, the basin friend of O blood adds an attention with respect to need, had better use the precautionary the way to deal with a situation of a few diseases.


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