“Bathed in blood fights bravely ” fraud is more than benefit

Period sex advantage is great, after be like on surface layer, haemorrhage increases, always bleed in fact and bleed day number is reduced. And climax happen frequently is had stop admirably menstrual ache is actual the effect. The female’s sexual desire hopes to follow physiology cycle and transform, and even period ability has only physiology sexual desire. The sexual life that this one opinion follows traditional pattern is not OK ” bump red ” violate, but also be to the youngster with a few strong sexual desire feels occasionally ” free and easy and do ” without what life dangerous, how should understand after all?


Male family doctor: Physiology period ” charge forward ” not necessary

Male family doctor feels, the perspective that learns from modern science or traditional Chinese medical science, period makes love advantageous have disadvantage.


The reason has 3: Medicine feels in ” woman official holiday not absolutely and hand in to it joyous, let a person become disease ” , it is wall of uterus of physiology period lady falls down, menstruate eduction makes clear uterine wall fall down with repair did not have undertake, meeting haematoma promotes organ of the reproduction when sexual intercourse haemorrhage, physiological face a lady to have bad influence;

2 it is physiology period period inside of the same branch of a family, the likelihood causes infection of lady reproduction system, the influence gives birth to pregnant; later

3 it is the influence on mentation, in the because of menstruation influence in sexual process, can give bloodstain more or less full of stains or spots, and even manage bedside sheet, joy of how many sex can talk again?


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